S J Towing is a split off from S J Transport Inc. We started the transport company in 2002 with 1 used ten wheel dump truck. As the company grew, we added a lowbed in 2005. In 2008 we added our first tow truck, by 2012 we decided to separate the two companies and S J Towing was born. Since then the company has grown to 4 low beds and two rollback tow trucks. With the company centered on the relocation of construction equipment. We no longer have the traditional “tow trucks” however (with our associates) we have the means to move anything you need moved or recovered. Our employees are trained specialists in everything from moving a small car thru tractor trailer to your largest of equipment. We specialize in helping you in your time of need. Our employees like to say when you’re having a hard time, we are waiting to help.

Our Team

picture of Keith Altig

Keith Altig


I grew up in a local family towing company. I Moved on to work for other local towing companies. After getting married and with my second child on the way, I decided it was time to get “a real job”. I went to work for Hawthorne/Caterpillar in the rental department. In the fifteen years I was there I trained in customer service, sales and management.
From there I started my own company. It hasn’t always been easy, but one of the things I learned along the way was that hard work and honesty will get you where you want to be. I instill that in all my employees. We are only human, so we make mistakes, but always be up front and honest, work hard and take care of our customers. They are the reason we are here. If they are successful then we are successful.

Picture of Joseph Altig

Joseph Altig

Lead Driver

My father, Keith, started SJ Towing and Transport while I was just a young kid still in school. I grew up playing with trucks and was taught to operate construction equipment at a pretty young age. I have officially worked as full time employee now for 7 years. Most of the time you can find me pulling the 16 tire, but with the life time of experiences I have been blessed with, you may see me driving any truck we have at any time.
Our main focus with the company is doing our best to keep it family oriented. My parents have presented me with a wonderful opportunity to one day keep the company as my own, and I fully intend on taking advantage of that offer.
I love every bit of what we do, and the pride in it every step of the way.

Picture of Dave the Dog



My name is Dave and I am the boss. I have been running things here for going on 6 years. I can usually be found running around with the owner giving him advise and telling him how to get things done. When I am not out on the job, I am either in the office or keeping track of things out in the yard. I have a real problem with the guys spending too much time smoking cigars in the race shop.