803 Anita St.
Chula Vista, CA 91911

Invoice Number INV-20551
PO # 9518606
Invoice Date September 25, 2018
Due Date October 25, 2018
Total Due $675.00


truck 17

Hours Equipment RateSub Total
1 19’ scissor 10013935

From 3455 Del Mar heights.
To sunbelt

1 60’ boom 982464

From park Hyatt, club house 7447 batiquitos dr.
To canceled
Note: had to park truck outside since it did not fit inside. Once I had the boom on the truck, customer came outside and told me he still needed it. I called sunbelt and they wanted to make sure that it would stay another day.

.75 40’ art. Boom 359507

From 4113 Avenida de la plata
To canceled
Note: went inside the wearhouse and the boom had a dead battery. Needed to be changed.

.75 26’ scissor 673866

From 431 college Blvd.
To sunbelt

.75 19’ scissor 673144

From 1762 university Dr.
To sunbelt

1 26’ scissor

From 1751 university Dr.
To sunbelt

1.5 Reachfork 543922

From sunbelt
To canceled
Note: I loaded the reachfork and right before I leave, I called the customer and told me he didn’t need it anymore. He said he needed it by 3pm. It was 5pm and the paper work said by the end of day. Told sunbelt and was told to unload it.

Sub Total $675.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $675.00