803 Anita St.
Chula Vista, CA 91911

Invoice Number INV-20538
PO # 9697372
Invoice Date September 22, 2018
Due Date October 22, 2018
Total Due $1,430.00



sunbelt sd pc530


Hours Equipment RateSub Total
4 120’ boom 535213

From 7505 campbell rd. Alpine
To sunbelt
Note: the gate was locked. Contact number was wrong and the other number would not answer. Had the wrong combination code. Few moments passed a person came and opened the gate. Code was 2001. Had to leave the truck down the hill because it was too narrow.

2 40’ boom 829055

From 651 point barrow Dr.
To sunbelt
Note: the pick up address has a narrow street. Had to park 2 block away. The employees and I had to clean all the paint trays, metal material, brushes, cans, etc.

.75 19’ reach fork 574054

From 326 Broadway
To sunbelt

1.75 80’ boom 685375

From 4411 Otay Mesa PL.
To sunbelt

.5 Forklift 519912 w/ long forks

From sunbelt
To 1 park Blvd.

.5 Forklift 519914 w/ long forks

From sunbelt
To 1 park Blvd.

1 Forklift 10036179

From 100 park Blvd
To sunbelt
Note: had to go around the park because a section was closed off. did not see forklift. The contact did not answer. Talked to security and told me it was on a inside by the side entrance. Had to walk and bring back to truck. There was no parking anywhere because there were plenty of trucks getting unloaded.

2.5 Reachfork 386862

From 2660 saren st. Otay
To sunbelt
Note: had heavy traffic going south.

Sub Total $1,430.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $1,430.00