803 Anita St.
Chula Vista, CA 91911

Invoice Number INV-20510
PO # 9700226
Invoice Date September 17, 2018
Due Date October 17, 2018
Total Due $1,237.50



sunbelt sd pc530

Hours Equipment RateSub Total
1.5 80’ boom 10022809

From sunbelt
To s j yard.
Note: pre load 9/12/18

3.25 80’ boom 10022809

From s j yard
To 2000 E. Gene autry way. Tunnel B
Note: when arriving inside stadium and finding tunnel B, I was unloading when security came up to me and asked me if I can unload at a different location because the person of contact needed it by main stadium entrance. So I had to load it and drop it off at the new location.

3.75 Water truck 10051034

From Davis rd and Ramona expressway
To sunbelt

1.25 42’boom forklift 10019106

From 4425 La Jolla village Dr
To sunbelt
Note: equipment was inside the gated area in the lower parking building

1.5 19’ boom forklift 618847

From 11010 roselle st.
To sunbelt

Sub Total $1,237.50
Tax $0.00
Total Due $1,237.50