803 Anita St.
Chula Vista, CA 91911

Invoice Number INV-20496
PO # 9695557
Invoice Date September 11, 2018
Due Date October 11, 2018
Total Due $1,147.50


truck 17

sunbelt sd pc530


Hours Equipment RateSub Total
1.25 Loader 703871

From sunbelt
To 1322 rocky point Dr.

1 Jumping jack

From sunbelt
To 1322 rocky point Dr.

1.25 Dump truck 10056254

From sunbelt
To 1330 tait st. Oceanside
Note: when I passed the security gate, I asked a personal where I can drop off the truck. He told me where and how to get there. I started driving and got too narrow and tight. Had to reverse and asked him for a direction where the truck could fit? he then got in his cart and showed me how to get there, going around the facility.

2.5 8k reachfork 1058718

From wine creek and Carmel valley rd.
To sunbelt
Note: very heavy traffic going south.

1 Forklift 598350

From 9310 Athena circle
To sunbelt

1 Forklift 10036179

From 7853 balboa ave.
To sunbelt

.75 Forklift 994900

From 100 Park Blvd.
Note: I was told that the forklift with long forks was taken already before me. Called sunbelt and I was given a different pick up

1.75 Dump truck 1055743

From 6130 skyline Dr.
Note: had to unlock and lock up the gates. Right into a tight busy street.

Sub Total $1,147.50
Tax $0.00
Total Due $1,147.50