803 Anita St.
Chula Vista, CA 91911

Invoice Number INV-20414
Invoice Date August 15, 2018
Due Date September 14, 2018
Total Due $577.50
Blue Pacific Engineering

3770 Hancock st.
San Diego Ca. 92110

sharom owner ?
shauna controller.
lupe a/p 1858-956-1456


truck 17

Hours Equipment RateSub Total
1.75 Volvo mini ex

From mount Miguel high school
To Chet harritt school

3.5 Trencher

From 5951 village center loop
To 9353 wethersfield rd.
Note: had a dead battery. It was in a tight parking lot, had to position the truck to I could jump it. I left it running as I strapped it down to charge the battery. Had heavy traffic going south to drop off. Came to drop off and again had a dead battery. Putting it on neutral didn’t let it roll off the trailer. I was only able to park it next to curb side. I called the contact to let him know the situation

Sub Total $577.50
Tax $0.00
Total Due $577.50